We're always up for a chat so please don't hesitate if there's anything you want to chat with us about.

We've put together the answers to a few questions we get asked a lot, hopefully it may relate to your enquiry. So please go through them and see if you get your answers, otherwise get in touch anyway, it's always a pleasure. Blessings!

Tel: 07712662855

Q1. The sound of the radio sometimes stop or break. Why?
A1.  We stream at 128kps, so you would need a stable broadband or WiFi. Speak to you internet provider to     establish the bandwidth of your internet.

Q2. Sometimes the song cover art does not update to the current song. Why?
A2. This may happen if your internet becomes unstable or if you have two or more web pages opened and the radio player is minimised. Just refresh or reload the radio player's page.

Q3. I want to send you some songs to be added to the radio's playlist. Is that possible?
A3. We don't see why not. Please send them in. We only ask that it should be Gospel music. Any native language is ok.

Q4. There's a live event which I want to ask if the radio could broadcast it live?
A4.  We love live events but we can only broadcast the ones in a region or community we already cover.

What is the process or requirements for a church/ministry to broadcast on the radio?
A5. We don't accept just any church or ministry because it's Christian. We first need to see that thier doctrine tallies with the beliefs of the radio.  We are not into wild doctrines that can not be backed up with scripture. With this out of the way any church or ministry is welcome to broadcast with us

Do you give training on radio broadcasting and presenting?
A6. Not at the moment but that's something we would love to do in the future. So please keep a look out for when we do.

Do you do any community events?
A7. Yes we have More Light Festival. It's a Praise & Worship event featuring songs from our record label More Light Productions with various Praise and Worship leaders.